About ICS

The Institute for Compensation Studies™ (ICS) is an interdisciplinary center housed jointly in the ILR School and the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University. Founded in 2010 by Professor Kevin F. Hallock, its mission is to improve the teaching, research, practice and public discourse around compensation and rewards to work. Bridging between academic researchers and compensation practitioners, and strengthening the talent pipeline, are our core objectives. 

We consider compensation broadly defined, to include all the monetary and nonmonetary (intangible) rewards that people receive for doing the work they do, in any location or employment structure. We are concerned with how rewards to work influence outcomes for companies and industries, as well as individuals and economies, worldwide.

Since its founding, ICS has provided research mentorship to some 50 students, launched a continuing education series on pay for performance, created the Emerging Scholars Conference to encourage cross-disciplinary academics in their compensation research, and founded an Executives Forum network for corporate leads of total rewards.