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CAHRS Transformation Working Group | Managing Change In Today’s World

So much is changing in the world of work and at unprecedented speed. In this session, we will look at how organizations are managing new dynamics in their organizations.

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So much is changing in the world of work – where people work, the context in which work is happening, the impact technology is having on what jobs entail and what skills and capabilities are needed, the employer-employee relationship and the role of work in people’s lives, along with a variety of business challenges -- all coming at us with unprecedented speed. These factors are causing companies to transform many aspects of their organizations. In this CAHRS working group series, we will examine how this is impacting their employees and organizations from HR organization design, to cultivating company culture, and managing change.

In this third session, led by CAHRS Executive Director Beth Flynn-Ferry, we will look at how organizations are managing these new dynamics and increased pace of change in their organizations.

Our discussion will focus on questions such as:

·        How are organizations becoming more adaptable and agile in their approach to change?

·        How is your organization considering the rapidly changing technology and the constant change it will bring?

·        How are key stakeholders reacting to change? What is your organization doing to gain buy-in, support, and alignment?

·        What are companies doing to manage the burnout that is accompanied with change?

Our virtual working groups are kept small (20-25 participants) to allow for rich discussion and best practice sharing. Given the limited size of each session, we ask that you only register for a session if you will be able to attend for the duration. Prior to the session, attendees should give some thought to the questions included in the description, so they are prepared to share with the group. We also strongly prefer that participants be on camera during the session to allow for more engaging interaction. If for some reason after you sign up for the working group, something comes up last minute, it would be great to get even a last-minute e-mail advising us that you cannot attend as we sometimes have a waiting list.


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