Scheinman Institute teaches at Anhui University School of Law, China, in summer 2017


  • During June 15-28, 2017, the Scheinman Institute conducted five days of classes in workplace dispute resolution with faculty and 100 students of the Anhui University School of Law, China. Anhui University is a public institution with 27,000 students, located in the city of Hefei, Anhui Province (near Shanghai). The School of Law has 600 master students and 700 undergraduate students, with 40 law professors.


  • The visit was hosted by Professor Kungang Li, a famous labor law scholar and Labor Arbitrator in China. Professor Li is also the Director of Anhui Labor Law Clinic, located at the old campus in downtown Hefei.


  • The classes were held in the large moot court classroom. The first day of class introduced comparative labor mediation. The second day introduced comparative labor arbitration. The third and fourth day introduced students to several mock case simulations concerning discipline matters. The final day discussed emerging issues of labor law and the future of dispute resolution.


  • While in Hefei, the Scheinman Institute visited the Anhui University Labor Law clinic. We observed new (migrant) clients (or applicants) working with clinic staff, and reviewed several arbitration cases recently argued (and won) by law students. The majority of cases involve non-payment of wages (wage theft) and compensation for occupational injury.  


  • On July 24, 2017, the DeHeng Law offices in Heifei hosted a labor seminar on comparative labor arbitration. The speakers were Richard Fincher of Cornell University and Director Chen of the Hefei City Labor Dispute Arbitration Center.  The speakers agreed that although the procedure of labor arbitration is very different between the two countries, the goal is the same: expedited, informal, and accessible justice for workers.


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