Asian Labor Arbitration Project

Vietnam Global Service Learning January 2015

advancing the rule of law in the workplace...encouraging alternatives to work stoppages

The Asian Labor Arbitration Project at Cornell University is a preeminent multidisciplinary research center, providing education, training, and consulting services concerning workplace dispute resolution in eastern Asia. The Project broadly defines our scope to include internal workplace conflict systems, facilitation, mediation and arbitration of workplace disputes. For purposes of our research, the Project divides up eastern Asia into two segments: industrializing countries (for example, China, Vietnam and Cambodia) and industrialized countries (for example, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines).

Current Research Priorities

  • We are researching the attributes, structural fairness, and outcomes of the current China labor arbitration system
  • We are studying the history, attributes, structural fairness, and outcomes of the existing Cambodia Labor Arbitration Center
  • We have completed three years of research in Vietnam and are consulting with stakeholders in potential design of a private labor arbitration capability

Social Policy Objectives

  • Promote the rule of law in the workplace
  • Promote access to the justice system
  • Promote industrial peace
  • Provide an alternative to worker stoppages