Arbitration Fairness Index

Each year, the Project has committed to study eight core elements of domestic labor arbitration in China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The objective is to provide an analytical snapshot concerning independence, competence, and fairness in the work product.

The outcome is a numerical score. Higher scores are correlated to greater independence of the forum, greater competence of the arbitrators and the Administrators, and enhanced fairness (in hearing procedures, fairness in awards, and avoidance of corruption).

Over time, the score by country will change, hopefully reflecting progress in the administration and outcomes of the arbitration process in each country.

The analytical process by the three countries is under construction.

Cambodia (PDF, 30 KB)

China (PDF, 30 KB)

Vietnam (PDF, 30 KB)

The Project acknowledges the conceptual author of a commercial arbitration index as Tom Stipanovich of the Pepperdine School of Law.