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How the Pandemic Impacts Arbitrators and Mediators

With Martin Scheinman

Scheinman Institute founder and noted arbitrator and mediator Martin Scheinman has found that there has been significant benefits to the use of virtual hearings due to the pandemic. He explains why this has occurred and how it may be beneficial post COVID.

How the Pandemic Impacts Plaintiff Attorneys

With Douglas Wigdor

Employment attorney Douglas Wigdor discusses how workplace issues of diversity and discrimination have been impacted by the pandemic, including an increase in potentially illegal layoffs and firings.

How the Pandemic Impacts Management Litigators

With Kenneth Kirschner

Litigator Kenneth Kirschner, whose practice focuses on workplace issues from a management perspective, talks about the pluses and minuses of litigation during the pandemic, including virtual witness cross-examination.

How the Pandemic Impacts Ombuds

With Sarah Miller Espinosa

Ombuds Sarah Miller Espinosa has seen a dramatic increase in cases dealing with workplace inequities as a result of the pandemic. She examines the current and long-term implications.

How the Pandemic Impacts Union Advocates

With Gwynne Wilcox

Gwynne Wilcox is an attorney and union advocate who works with SEIU 1199, which represents healthcare workers. She explores how the pandemic has created special concerns for employees on the frontlines in patient care.