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Scheinman Institute Student Activities

Scheinman Student Activity

Fall 2020

From the arbitration scrimmages to the Conflict Resolution Club, the nature of Scheinman Institute student activities have been modified for the fall due to the pandemic, and in the case of the campus mediation practicum, to address issues of social justice.

Here is a listing: 


  • The campus mediation practicum has already gone virtual. The practicum will focus on teaching about restorative justice in conjunction with the campus code of conduct, and mediation through zoom. The practicum will be incorporating restorative justice practices through a social justice lens to look at social identity. There will be discussions about the lens that a mediator brings into a mediation, including the assumptions about the parties being made based on factors like race, religion, and sexual orientation.  Also addressed during the class will be systemic issues relating to race in violations of the campus code of conduct, such as why more students of color were caught violating the code of conduct and how people come to believe what they do about fairness in mediation.


  • Arbitration scrimmages will not be happening in the fall but will resume in the spring. 


  • Student mediator training will still be happening in the form of a two-day virtual workshop before classes begin. The topics covered will be a very broad range overview of many different types of mediation along with opportunities for students to practice mediation skills. 


  • The Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club will be continuing in an online format with guest speakers and events happening on Zoom. 


  • Student research will be continuing in the fall.


  • The negotiation workshop for dietetic interns will be run online, with an additional workshop offered to meet increased demand.