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The Scheinman Institute blog provides the latest information and news about the Institute's research, education, student engagement and outreach.

Director's Update

Our New Website

Harry C. Katz is the Director of the Scheinman Institute and the Jack Sheinkman Professor of Collective Bargaining.


A few weeks ago we launched a new Scheinman Institute website, which includes a new blog as well as an overview, a professional development, and a student activities video. The site highlights the Institute’s many research, teaching, training, and technical assistance contributions and will include articles from and profiles of our eminent Board of Advisors. The material on the site will be updated continuously.  

We welcome your feedback about the new site, and especially appreciate any suggestions as to how the site can be made even more user friendly and valuable to you. Many individuals contributed to the website redo including from the ILR Communications, Marketing and Web team, Zachary Beauvais, Director of Content Strategy and David DeMello, Director of Web Strategy and Development and from the Institute, Communication Specialist Theresa Mohabir- Pennella and Marketing Lead William Talmadge. Appreciation is also due to the Institute’s staff, which spent much time constructing the new content.  I encourage you to visit the new site and look forward to learning your reaction to it.  


View it here.