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Paul Maier

Alumni Spotlight: Paul Maier

Originally from New Jersey, Paul Maier graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science with Honors from the ILR School. He moved to Ireland after graduation and has remained since, proudly obtaining Irish citizenship by naturalization in 2019.

From 2015 – 2021 he served as a trade union official representing professionals in the Irish health service. He has significant experience as an advocate in the Workplace Relations Commission before adjudication officers, mediators, industrial relations officers in conciliations, and the Labor Court. He visited every hospital in Ireland in the course of his work and led negotiations on behalf of members directly with senior hospital and HSE officials. Paul is a newly qualified barrister at the Law Library in Dublin, Ireland.

Watch Paul explain how the Irish Workplace Relations Commission functions to facilitate conflict resolution when it comes to Irish labor and employment disputes. To get in touch with Paul Maier to ask questions or start a discussion, he may be reached at