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Making pay transparency work: ICS experts provide insight

Pay transparency versus pay secrecy? This question has been appearing again and again in media stories about the workforce; with the Institute for Compensation Studies (ICS) a go-to source for insight on how to frame the answer.

HR Magazine included Linda Barrington, ICS Executive Director, among the experts contributing to their cover feature "Making Pay Public: The Pros and Cons of Salary Transparency" (September 2014).

Stephanie R. Thomas, research associate at ICS, was sought out by Alan Goforth for his Benefits Pro story "Is pay transparency killing off the last workplace taboo?" (September 25, 2014).

"The expansion of variable pay (or pay for performance) along with the explosion of social media are changing the playing field for talking about pay. The media is seeing this, and HR is feeling it – more employees appear to be asking for more transparency," says Thomas.

Both Barrington and Thomas have also been tapped this year by radio and TV media on the topic of compensation transparency.

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