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Student Researchers Investigate Hot Topics in Conflict Resolution

Sarah Rim

Student Researchers Investigate Hot Topics in Conflict Resolution

Scheinman Institute interns have spent their summer researching hot topics in conflict resolution from collective bargaining via Zoom to lack of racial diversity in arbitration. In their efforts they have been supervised by the Institute’s program directors including Susan Brecher, Katrina Nobles, Sally Klingel, Ellen Gallin Procida, and Judy Young

Sarah Rim

Sarah Rim ILR ‘21

Focus: Lack of Racial Diversity in Arbitration

My research project seeks to study and address the lack of racial diversity in labor arbitration, specifically through the process of arbitrator selection. Through my interviews, I hope to gain more insight and clarity into the complex layering process of selecting an arbitrator. In addition, I hope to develop recommendations to address how the selection process can be made more equitable for arbitrators from diverse racial backgrounds.



Niamh O'Connor

Niamh O’Connor ILR ‘23

Focus: Collective Bargaining Via Zoom

I am exploring the variation in collective bargaining processes when done in an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, I am focusing on the productivity and efficiency of a virtual setting, as well as the power dynamics of such a format. Information is being collected both via other research done on the subject as well as through a series of interviews with those engaged in collective bargaining, both before and during the pandemic. The goal is to provide an in-depth understanding of how to best utilize a virtual format for collective bargaining as well as to highlight the various factors that influence the process and to identify biases that present themselves in such a format.

Pearl Ngai

Pearl Ngai, ILR ‘22

Focus: Diversity in the Arbitration Field

Through my research, and in light of the rise in conversation around race and racism within America, I am exploring how arbitral organizations can actively tackle manifestations of institutional racism and tangibly strengthen their commitments to diversifying the field of arbitration. I have been conducting interviews with experienced arbitrators from diverse backgrounds as well as individuals that sit on selection committees to gain insight and perspective on how the field of arbitration can become more inclusive. I am also studying literature on the importance of organizational racial diversity and establishing an understanding of how the arbitration field has developed into what it is today. Ultimately, I hope to determine how arbitral organizations can reform their membership selection processes to include and empower arbitrators from a wider span of experience and ability.

Illana Kruchenetskaya

Ilana Kruchenetskaya, ILR ’22

Focus: Creating an Equitable Workplace

My research has primarily focused on the initiatives organizations can take, or are already taking, to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and what resources organizations can turn to for assistance in ensuring their employees feel safe and included in the workplace. I have also researched the impacts COVID-19 has had and will have on the workplace, as well as the increasing role technology has had in making the workplace more flexible during this time. Some of the research has also been on talent management, with a focus on what employers can do to attract and retain a diverse workforce through the types of interview and employee engagement survey questions asked. I think this research is important because we are far behind in creating a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment.

Polina Solovyeva

Polina Solovyeva, ILR ‘21

Focus: Employee Relations

I have researched best practices and relevant cases for internal investigations with a focus on bias. I have also researched employment laws including the ADA, FMLA, and workers' compensation issues. By sitting in on the relevant workshops, discussing developments in employment law, and conducting research, my experiences with the Scheinman Institute complement my ILR education. I enjoy observing how the various employment laws and principles that I was taught in the ILR School are put into practice in the workplace.

Sal Lanci

Sal Lanci ILR, MILR ‘21

Focus: Government Accountability

My research focuses on how lawsuits affect accountability in city governments. I work on explaining and analyzing how city budgets accommodate for the potential of lawsuits and policy changes to determine if the threat and impact of lawsuits improve the behavior of individual public employees, departmental agencies, elected officials, and other components of city government. I observe early settlement conferences, cost-sharing plans, policy changes, and other programs and events to provide real-life examples of effective and ineffective city governance and accountability in multiple city agencies. I also explore the process of indemnification, which shields public employees from lawsuit costs regardless of the outcome of the case.