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SCRC students engage in a mediation simulation.

Conflict Resolution Club Embraces Being Back in Person

After more than a year of operating online, the Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club (SCRC) has returned to having in-person general body meetings and events. “I am very excited to participate in SCRC in person,” says Karina Ulrich, ‘25. “More specifically, I am looking forward to listening to professionals in the field share their experiences and collaborating with other students.”

SCRC club members participated in a mock mediation on September 13th in the Katz Courtyard, taking on the roles of roommates and mediators trying to resolve a dorm room dispute. Daryn Mehling, ‘25 notes that “being in person for our mediation simulation allowed us to collaborate in more interactive ways. I loved meeting other members!” Olivia Schwartz, ‘23 compared having in person simulations and activities with her previous experience learning about conflict resolution online, emphasizing that she is “looking forward to putting her knowledge to the test” in person. Brendan Klein, ‘24 says “I think it is easier to form connections with other members of the club in-person, and I think people are more focused during in-person activities than virtual ones.”

Many students engage in a mediation simulation.
SCRC members engage in a mediation simulation.

Students new to the world of conflict resolution say they are glad they get to be in person for their introduction to the subject. “I feel very fortunate to be able to have Scheinman events in person,” says Mohona Ganguly, ‘25. “As my first exposure to conflict resolution, the in person mediation simulation was very eye-opening,” adds Maral Asik, ‘24. Allan Rikshpun, ‘25 shares that he’s “excited about in person interactions and memories that last a lifetime.”


SCRC President Patrick Mehler, ‘23 concurs with the consensus that being back in person is beneficial to the club. “Having folks back in person for simulations, guest speakers, and more has been very fulfilling for SCRC and we look forward to more in person events to come!”

SCRC meets on alternating Mondays at 4:30 P.M. Interested students may email for more information.