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Scheinman Institute Program Director Spotlight: Art Wheaton

Program Director Art Wheaton

Name: Art Wheaton
Current position at Scheinman/ILR: Extension Faculty
Education: MLR/HR Michigan State University
Areas of expertise: Collective Bargaining, Conflict Resolution, Interest-Based Bargaining, Automotive Industry, Labor Management Relations
Types of courses taught: Credit and noncredit courses in Collective Bargaining, Negotiations, Costing Out a Contract, Effective Communications, Health and Safety Teams, Train-the-Trainer teaching techniques
Career highlights at Scheinman/ILR: Vietnam Engaged Learning with TDTU in Ho Chi Minh City with Cornell University Undergraduate Students. 2019, 2020 were in Ho Chi Minh City, 2021 was done using Zoom but still successful. The project focuses on labor relations in Vietnam and sharing lessons between Cornell and TDTU undergraduate students
Please discuss one of your most interesting clients, the services provided and the impact it made: Working with Ford Motor Company and the UAW has been very rewarding as I was able to work directly with Harry Katz and Sally Klingel to assist in teaching negotiation skills with both union and management leadership. We had the opportunity to use real world bargaining examples in preparation for multi-billion dollar negotiations.
A memorable experience working with students:
The TDTU engaged learning program in Vietnam allows extended time to watch ILR Students grow and experience a new culture and friends. The first year was most memorable as we were able to visit many places in Vietnam while students experienced a new culture and enjoyed great food.
Advice you would give to students in the conflict resolution field:
I would recommend joining the Conflict Resolution Club. My experiences with the club were very enjoyable and they can promote good contacts for future research projects with faculty and staff. The Conflict Resolution Club usually has invited guest speakers and other opportunities to interact with faculty in a more relaxed environment.
Any other additional information you would like to provide:
I would encourage as much interaction with Scheinman Institute board members as possible. They are a fantastic collection of arbitrators, neutrals, mediators, advocates and labor lawyers with years of experience and a willingness to share their expertise.