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David Hyland

Scheinman Advisory Board Spotlight: David Hyland

The Institute’s Advisory Board is composed of leading figures in the field of conflict resolution, including esteemed arbitrator and mediator David Hyland.


Name: David Hyland

Current professional position: Labor and Employment Arbitrator & Mediator


Cornell University School of Industrial & Labor Relations, B.S. 1986

CUNY School of Law, J.D. 1993.


Professional experience:  

I started fresh out of ILR as a union organizer and administrator and spent nearly a decade representing building service employees, school support staff, communications workers and physicians.  I moved to management-side labor relations in 1995 and spent the next 13 years representing the NYC Transit Authority in disciplinary and contract arbitrations and in major contract negotiations in 1999, 2002 and 2005.  In 2008 I started my arbitration and mediation practice and currently serve on arbitration panels covering State and municipal employees and handle private sector cases administered by AAA.


The biggest challenges now and ahead for mediation and arbitration: 

Diversity in the field is improving but even a causal observer can see that the profession does not yet reflect the diversity of the population it serves.  Until we see more women, racial and ethnic minorities and LGBTQs doing this work, there will be persistent questions about the fairness of process and results.  


How has the pandemic changed your work: 

The move to web-based hearings has been stressful for all parties and made more difficult for those who are also adjusting to doing all or much of their work from home.  The most important changes involve trying to make a virtual format feel as much like an in-person hearing as possible and getting the parties, especially the Grievant, as comfortable as possible.  Travel time gets converted to time spent on pre-hearing dry-runs using the technology and ensuring documentary exhibits are readily accessible during a hearing.  


What is your motivation to be involved with the Scheinman Institute:

I have very fond, life-changing memories of my time as an ILR student and know how many doors flew open for me because of my association with ILR.  It is an honor to have the chance to make even a small contribution to its future and to celebrate Marty and Laurie Scheinman’s commitment and generosity.


Personal experience working with the Scheinman Institute and/or ILR:  

The arbitration scrimmage teams I have worked with have been exceptional for their intellect, sophistication and commitment to each other.  I get the sense that the Scheinman Institute is their home at the university.  


Advice to students in the conflict resolution field:

Until you become a seasoned generalist, try to find a specific, substantive area of law, regulation or contract and make yourself a trusted resource for others.  Teams depend on subject matter expertise in all aspects of conflict resolution.  You will expand your career and social network more quickly.