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Alumni Spotlight: Jason Bin

Jason Bin

Scheinman Alumnus Jason Bin '20 discusses his time with the Institute and post-graduation life 


1. What did you do during your time with the Scheinman Institute?

I graduated from ILR in May of 2020. I was the treasurer of the Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club, where I helped to plan events and manage the budget. Moreover, the ILR school at large appealed to me as I really enjoyed problem-solving and it offered a way for me to get involved in problem-solving for workers. The average person spends a third, if not more, of their week at work, and problems that arise at work can cause quite a headache. Improving workplace processes and individual issues became a passion of mine because not every issue is the same when it comes to people, and I loved the challenge that these problems present.


2. What have you been doing since graduation?

I am currently working in Human Resources for Amazon. In my current role, I review daily HR metrics, look into investigations and help and talk to associates about their concerns on the job. The Scheinman Institute helped me hone my skills in problem solving and conversation. When it comes to maintaining objectivity as a neutral party, the skills and knowledge I have of conflict resolution really comes into play. 


3. How were you impacted by your time with the Scheinman Institute and how do you see that playing into your life post-Cornell?

 I learned a great deal about conflict resolution through the resources provided by the Conflict Resolution Club and the Institute. I attended the student mediator course and took advantage of negotiation classes offered at the ILR School. I use a lot of the skills of a neutral when it comes to working in the field of human resources and dealing with labor relations.


4. Do you have any advice for current students interested in learning more about alternative dispute resolution?

Take advantage of all the opportunities and try things out to find what you are really interested in.