“Fascinating” is one reporter’s description of ICS Director’s new book

CNN Money and NPR Marketplace give ‘shout out’ to Hallock
Monday, November 5, 2012

Released last month (October 2012), Kevin F. Hallock's Pay: Why People Earn What They Earn and What You Can Do Now to Make More was drawing attention and praise even before it hit the store shelves.

  • Highlighting several points made by Hallock, Anne Fisher, contributor to CNNMoney and author of "Ask Annie," described PAY as a fascinating new book.
  • In his in-depth and multipart series "Payday" on NPR's Marketplace, David Brancaccio referenced Hallock's book, PAY, even before the book's release. Delving into the theme of negotiating that first salary, Brancaccio asks "And how do you prep for that negotiation?" Then, he turns to Hallock for the answer: "[Hallock] says never walk into a big job meeting without doing this crucial piece of homework. 'If an employee can figure out what's important to the organization and if he or she can make themselves useful to that mission, they can help themselves in a negotiation,' Hallock said."

PAY describes wages, wage differences across groups, wage inequality, how organizations set pay and why, executive and "superstar" pay, the difference between pay and "total rewards" (including benefits, opportunities for growth, colleagues, and working conditions), compensation in nonprofits, and the differences between the cost of compensation to organizations and the value employees place on that compensation. It also offers tips on what an individual can do to do to earn more. 

Hallock will discuss his book at a breakfast meeting of journalists in ICS' Manhattan location at the end of the month.

Read more on PAY in the ChronicleOnline: http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/Oct12/PayNewBook.html