Mobilizing Against Inequality

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Collective action is critical to the defense of immigrant workers, and to their struggles for better wages and working conditions.

Mobilizing Against Inequality, opens a new online conversation about immigrant workers – their struggles for rights and representation and the organizations that advocate for them. This project outlines case studies and identifies new networks and research documenting inspirational examples and strategies of immigrant mobilization and movement building. As we witness an alarming escalation in xenophobic violence targeting Muslims in the United States and Europe over the past month, we focus in on the ways in which Islamophobia is being resisted - whether in the courts, on campuses, in the workplace, or at the ballot box. Learn more about Mobilizing Against Inequality→

Marine Le Pen, Islamophobia, and the polarization of French society

By Lorie Shaull from Washington, United States (French Election: Celebrations at The Louvre, Paris) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Lowell Turner, professor of International and Comparative Labor at the ILR School, shares his insights on the momentous French election that saw both the defeat of the far-right National Front (FN) and the further normalization of xenophobic, racist and anti-democratic fringe of French politics. Turner examines how the far-right opportunistically manipulated popular anger over economic inequality and fanned the flames of Islamophobia to drive a deep polarization of French society.


Islamophobia, Employment Discrimination and the Labor Movement

Mark Bergfeld is based at Queen Mary University of London, School of Business and Management, specializing in research on immigration and labor unions and the comparative study of immigrant worker organization and the relationship to trade unions in Britain, Germany and the US. In this piece, Mark discusses Islamophobia and the labor market.


Immigrants & Workers of Color Organize for #FreedomCities

The author of this guest post, Daniel Carrillo, is Executive Director of Enlace, a cross-border, multiracial coalition of low-wage worker centers, unions and community organizations in the U.S. and Mexico. They discuss the launch of Freedom Cities and tactics used by members of the New York Worker Center Federation to fight back against Trump's racist and anti-immigrant policies.


Civilian Action Stops Mass Deportation Charter Flight for First Time in UK History

In the wake of anti-immigrant sentiment in the UK, hope is still alive. Late last month, UK citizens successfully stopped the departure of a mass deportation charter flight carrying immigrants from Ghana and Nigeria. Many are asylum seekers who were on their way to wrongful deportation until civilian action halted this “immoral, unfair, and illegal” effort.

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