Men and Women as Allies

Allied against workplace and domestic violence

The Men & Women As Allies Initiative is the result of a collaboration between CONNECT and Cornell — ILR reflecting a shared vision for social change and a commitment to help communities — whether it be a non-profit agency, a union, a joint labor/management effort or workplace — identify and develop their own responses to domestic violence, bullying and workplace violence.

We do this by involving men and women together by doing on site staff training, workplace training initiatives, train the trainer programs, technical and research assistance.

In conjunction with Cornell's ILR faculty, we have also developed a customized, statistically sound pre and post survey to measure the impact of the training on the participants with respect to behavioral and organizational changes. We have the capacity to conduct original research on this training intervention strategy, analyze it and make links to prevention strategies within organizations and communities.

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Workplace violence is common and its effects are widespread

It is well documented that issues of workplace violence such as the work consequences of domestic violence, bullying and harassment impact productivity, performance and job security.

  • One in five employed adults in the US are victims of domestic violence
  • 96% of survivors surveyed reported that domestic abuse affected their ability to perform their job duties
  • Batterers commit 13,000 violent acts against their partners in the workplace each year
  • 48% of victims indicated that a comprehensive domestic violence awareness program would have been helpful to them

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