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A Model Program

KC Wagner talking with women about domestic violence

The Men and Women As Allies Initiative is an innovative workplace program in the private sector that has set the bar for a pro-active workplace response to domestic violence as a union and workplace issue. It was inaugurated by the joint labor/management Work/Family Committee of CWA District 1, IBEW 2213, Verizon, CONNECT and Cornell-ILR in New York City.

It grew out of a successful domestic violence awareness program entitled "Domestic Violence a Workplace Response" that was developed by a partnership of joint labor/mgt Work/Family committee representatives, union officers, union member assistance program coordinators, labor educators, clinicians and domestic violence prevention advocates. These groups have included the Joint Work/Family committee of CWA District 1, Verizon, IBEW 2213, Cornell-ILR in NYC and the Family Violence Prevention Fund. The program has two parts: (1) a workplace awareness module and (2) a train-the-facilitator program. CWA Locals interested in receiving the training can contact Gladys Finnigan at GFinnigan@cwa-union.org. Other unions can contact KC Wagner at kcw8@cornell.edu.

The Initiative is an interactive training that includes a group dialogue developed by Quentin Walcott (qwalcott@connectnyc.org) from CONNECT and customized case studies developed by the "Men & Women as Allies" Subcommittee of the joint CWA/Verizon/IBEW 2213 Regional Work/Family Committee. Donna Dolan, Director Work/Family Issues CWA District 1, Anne Holland-McCauley, Secretary/Treasurer CWA Local 1106, moneyholland@aol.com, Beatrice Zapata, Secretary CWA Local 1105 Beatrice@cwa1105.org, and Lydia E. Rosa, Project Manager, Regional Work/Family Committee, Lydia@larosagroup.com. Also involved in the program development was KC Wagner from the Metro District Office of Cornell-ILR. Thanks is also extended to the CWA New York plant who participated in focus groups and provided the material to develop the case studies.

"The Men & Women As Allies" Initiative fits into the union agenda as a work/family issue. It builds on the Domestic Violence Awareness Program targeting members who are victimized -in predominately female workforce. The program has reached over 2,500 union and management employees at Verizon locations in the Bronx. Special thanks goes to Beatrice Zapata, Secretary CWA Local 1105, for her dedication and interest in training the largest number of union and management employees and Ellen Cocoran, V. P. of Commercial for her support and dedication. Ellen has allowed her workgroup in New York the time necessary to attend the training-- a demonstration of her dedication and support. Appreciation is also extended to Keith Edwards, President of CWA Local 1105 for his continued interest and support to helping victims of Domestic Violence.

In developing customized curriculum to address men and women in the plant organization, the "Men & Women as Allies" Subcommittee and the efforts of Anne Holland-McCauley, Secretary/Treasurer CWA Local 1106 are recognized and appreciated. Special appreciation is extended to Tony Caudullo, President of Local 1106 for his support. Additionally, special thanks are given to Patrick Welsh, President of Island Metro for supporting Jacques Butler, Operations Manager and member of Island Metro's Diversity Council, in embracing and making it possible to deliver the training, starting in Queens, New York.