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Our mission is to create and make accessible novel data on the dynamics of the labor markets, we work with research networks and statistical agencies, developing appropriate statistics to inform policy makers, researchers, and simply people seeking knowledge. We emphasize and meet the requirements of stakeholders: users as well as providers, balancing the utility of the data with the confidentiality of the people and businesses whose activities the data describe.

LDI’s Vilhuber discusses reproducibility of studies with proprietary data at NBER Conference

Lars Vilhuber

Studies of household economy benefit from the new retentiveness of digital economic activity. Harnessing these fountains of data is the focus of an NBER conference December 10, 2021. LDI’s Executive Director Lars Vilhuber will discuss how to analyze this kind of data in rigorous, reproducible studies. Other presenters include Anna Dreber (Stockholm School of Economics), Ross Epstein (SafeGraph), Chris Trepel (Fenway Summer Ventures), Joseph Vavra (U of Chicago), with Stephen Zeldes (Columbia) moderating. Topics will include company-specific experiences of working with academics, academics experience of working with companies, issues of reproducibility and how journals handle constraints on data availability.  

This is the second conference in a series, “Innovative Data in Household Finance: Opportunities and Challenges.” The program is available on the NBER website. The meeting will be livestreamed on NBER’s YouTube channel.