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What's happening in Reproducibility and Replicability: LDI's work featured

Special theme collection leads off new column in Harvard Data Science Review

LDI work features in a new Harvard Data Science Review column, 'Reinforcing Reproducibility and Replicability,' edited by Lars Vilhuber. To launch the column, HDSR's summer 2023 special theme collects eight contributions ranging across research transparency in the social sciences. The theme was co-edited by Vilhuber, Ian Schmutte, Aleksandr Michuda, and Marie Connolly.

Contributions originated in LDI's CRRESS project (Conference on Reproducibility and Replicability in Economics and the Social Sciences). CRRESS assembles researchers across the disciplines for panel discussions that address research process, publication standards, institutional responsibilities, and student training to advance research transparency and integrity in the computational social sciences.

With many area experts contributing, the column has the potential to reach wider audiences who may be facing quandaries in research or training. Vilhuber said "I am enthusiastic about the input and information we have been able to present from experts in all manner of areas, from ethics to the challenges of confidential data, to the possibilities of undergraduate education, all related to reproducibility. We have many more topics queued up."

LDI completed the first of two-years planned for the project in June. Recordings of CRRESS panels are available on LDI's YouTube channel.

CRRESS funding is provided by the National Science Foundation under Grant #2217493.