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Portrait of Bart de Koning

Future of Work Fellow Studies Job Search Platforms, Job Seekers

Bart de Koning has been named a Future of Work Fellow by the Labor Dynamics Institute, where his main task will be to create an experimental job search platform, targeting job seekers in occupations that are threatened by automation. He will work under the supervision of Professor Michele Belot and Philipp Kircher, the Irving M. Ives Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations in the Department of Economics.

“Bart’s work will benefit LDI in providing a template to conduct experiments on job search platform and understand how to best advice job seekers transiting out of occupations that are most threatened by automation,” Belot said.

The majority of de Koning’s research focuses on the role of expectations and information in human capital investments and labor supply decisions. He recently earned his doctorate from the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market at Maastricht University and received both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

“We are building our own job search platform, which will serve as a lab of sorts,” de Koning said. “It will allow us to run experiments to test what sort of interventions help people most in finding the right job for them.

“The [Future of Work] fellowship allows me to pursue my research ambitions within the brilliant academic community at Cornell.”