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Criminal Record Online Toolkit

Nationwide Resource

Our toolkit outlines national and state-specific information on employment laws and criminal record remedies available in 48 states, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

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Latest posts on benefits and resources

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Financial Incentives for Hiring Justice-Impacted

CJEI’s Rachel Joseph explains that companies who hire people with previous involvement in the criminal legal system may qualify for financial incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the Federal Bonding Program.
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9 Myths About Hiring People with Criminal Records

CJEI's Timothy McNutt busts 9 common myths about hiring people with criminal records.
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Seven Tips for Reentering During the Pandemic

Create a sound strategy for post-incarceration reentry in the time of COVID-19. Timothy McNutt of ILR's Criminal Justice Employment Initiative provides information to help people strategize.
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Watch Video: Improving Outcomes for Justice-Involved Youth

Timothy McNutt, Director of ILR’s Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative, moderates the Yang Tan Institute’s Y-ReCONNECTS panel to promote systemic change to improve outcomes for justice-involved youth with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities.
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Watch Video: What is a RAP Sheet?

A criminal record or criminal history is a list of your contacts with the criminal justice system. Your state will have a state RAP sheet that records all contacts with the state criminal justice system.

Watch Video: How to Discuss Your Record

It is important that you know your criminal record so that you can accurately answer questions on a job application and discuss your record with an employer. Learn helpful tips to discuss your record with an employer.
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Employers that Hire

According to New York Governor Cuomo's Work for Success Pledge, companies have signed the Work for Success Pledge, committing to consider qualified individuals with criminal convictions for employment.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) announced the Getting Talent Back to Work pledge, signaling a commitment from employers to provide job opportunities to qualified people with criminal records.

Obama's White House Fair Chance Pledge announced the Fair Chance Pledge, where over 100 organizations have made a commitment to promote fair chance hiring, eliminate barriers to reentry, and provide meaningful opportunities for all to succeed.