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Getting Back to Work

Getting Talent Back to Work Pledge

Nearly 1 in 3 American adults have a criminal record. Moving these individuals into the workforce can offer benefits to the employer. Research shows that employees with criminal records are often highly motivated to turn their lives around and reward employers with hard work and company loyalty.

Learn how businesses have taken the pledge to consider all qualified candidates.

Getting Talent Back to Work Pledge

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) announced the following businesses signed the Getting Talent Back to Work pledge, signaling a commitment to providing job opportunities to qualified people with criminal records:

Conco Construction

CKS Packaging

Cascade Engineering

Butterball Farms, Inc.


Chicago Green Insulation



Flint Hills Resources

Gallery Furniture

Genesis Health Clubs


Guardian Industries

Honest Jobs

I Have a Bean


JBM Packaging

The Johnson Group


Korman Communities

Meador Staffing Services


Nehemiah Manufacturing Co.

Pacific Hospitality Group

Paper Transport, Inc.



Zephyr Products, Inc.

70 Million Jobs


For more information about the pledge, visit the SHRM website here: Getting Talent Back to Work.