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The Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative (CJEI) of the Labor and Employment Law Program provides criminal records and employment law training to job seekers who have been involved in the criminal legal system, assists employers in rethinking their approach to hiring, engages in research to study reentry practices, and influences policy makers and legislators on criminal justice reform.


Work With Us

Researchers can collaborate with us on their data sets and contact us to discuss longitudinal studies.

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Contact us at
The Research Team

Cornell's Criminal Record Panel Survey analyzes a sample of Americans over time about their employment and income, as well as their health, family, and community life, and provide important information about the challenges faced by people with criminal records.

Meet the CCRPS Team
Meet the CCRPS Team

CCRPS Presents at U.S. DOL Virtual Convening

The CCRPS team presented their findings of the research project, “Criminal Record Inaccuracies and the Impact of a Record Education Intervention on Employment-Related Outcomes” at a virtual convening with the Department of Labor.
Virtual meeting

Analyzing Reentry Training

Millions of Americans have criminal records, which can limit the ability to get a job, driver’s license, and occupational license, as well as limit the access to housing, social services, and even voting in some places.
Photo: Students at an IDEO work session

Three Research Findings

CCRPS' initial analysis revealed: greater risk of criminal record inaccuracy for black and brown people; criminal record training may lead to job seeking and record correction; and criminal records still pose substantial barriers for employment.

Future Research

We need to break down barriers to employment for people with criminal records. Data from our surveys will help to inform research and policy efforts to educate people about their rights and expand their economic opportunities.