Areas of Expertise: Faculty Insights

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Human Capital Development (HCD) leverages Cornell ILR’s renowned faculty and highly experienced instructors to provide leading-edge knowledge and practical skills to our participants. Take the opportunity to explore their expertise and perspectives on the world of work's latest trends and hottest topics before stepping into the classroom.

HR's Shifting Role Within Change Management

Areas of Expertise / change management

change management, mayra besharov

Leading change can be daunting, but an absolute necessity if an organization is to prosper and to improve its competitive abilities, reputation and long-term prospects. 

As organizations try to cope with continually shifting market conditions, technologies, customer demand, input costs and competition, human resource practitioners find themselves in unique positions to help drive change forward.

Communicating Confidentiality

Areas of Expertise / Employee Relations & Investigations

susan brecher, confidentiality, employee relations, internal investigations, scope of confidentiality

Expectations relating to confidentiality is one of the most important factors when discussing employee concerns or complaints. Many employees presume total confidentiality, making it essential to explain confidentiality’s true parameters. In Susan Brecher’s video, she provides insight into how to have these conversations in order to avoid potential policy and legal violations.

Performance Management

Areas of Expertise / HR

cornell, professional programs, new york city, cornell ilr, human capital development, hcd, ilr faculty, performance management, hr

Performance management, a key organizational activity, has recently become one of the hottest topics not just for human resource professionals, but also for the business world at largea result of organizations creatively re-defining how to enhance performance management’s impact.