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The ILR Review celebrates its 69th anniversary at the forefront of publishing peer-reviewed research on work and employment relations. The Review, published by SAGE Publications, is part of the Cornell University ILR School, which is regarded as the leading academic institution focused on the world of work.

We are dedicated to international and interdisciplinary research that advances new theory, presents novel empirical work, and informs organizational and public policy.

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Current Issue – Volume 69, Number 5, October 2016

Letter from the ILR Review Editors



  • Governing Work and Employment Relations in an Internationalized Economy: The Institutional Challenge
    Paul Marginson
  • Reinforcing the State: Transnational and State Labor Regulation in Indonesia
    Matthew Amengual and Laura Chirot
  • Testing Attestations: U.S. Unemployment and Immigrant Work Authorizations
    Ben A. Rissing and Emilio J. Castilla
  • Union–Management Partnerships, Teacher Collaboration, and Student Performance
    Saul A. Rubinstein and John E. McCarthy
  • Getting Handcuffs on an Octopus: Minimum Wages, Employment, and Turnover
    R. Kaj Gittings and Ian M. Schmutte
  • Who Benefits from a Minimum Wage Increase?
    John W. Lopresti and Kevin J. Mumford
  • Dual Labor Markets at Work: The Impact of Employers' Use of Temporary Agency Work on Regular Workers' Job Stability
    Boris Hirsch
  • The Effect of Firms' Phased Retirement Policies on the Labor Market Outcomes of Their Employees
    Martin Huber, Michael Lechner, and Conny Wunsch
  • How Do Financial Resources Affect the Timing of Retirement after a Job Separation?
    Matthew S. Rutledge

Book Reviews

  • Symposium on the 30th Anniversary of The Transformation of American Industrial Relations
    Introduction by Alexander J. S. Colvin
  • Updating The Transformation of American Industrial Relations
    By Thomas A. Kochan, Harry C. Katz, and Robert B. McKersie
  • The Impact on the Next Generation of Researchers
    By Ann C. Frost
  • Varieties of Transformation in Industrial Relations: An International Perspective
    By Russell D. Lansbury
  • Revisiting the Kochan, Katz, and McKersie Framework: The Transformation of Organizational Work Systems in the United States
    By Lee Dyer

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