ILR Review

The ILR Review celebrates its 70th anniversary at the forefront of publishing peer-reviewed research on work and employment relations. The Review, published by SAGE Publications, is part of the Cornell University ILR School, which is regarded as the leading academic institution focused on the world of work.

We are dedicated to international and interdisciplinary research that advances new theory, presents novel empirical work, and informs organizational and public policy.

Calls for Papers

Now accepting submissions for a special series on Industry and Organization Studies, in partnership with the Industry Studies Association (ISA). (PDF, 200 KB)

Now accepting submissions for a conference and subsequent special issue devoted to New Theories in Employment Relations. (PDF, 266 KB)

Current Issue – Volume 70, Number 4, August 2017


  • Union Membership and Charitable Giving in the United States
    Jonathan E. Booth, Daniela Lup, and Mark Williams
  • Are Voluntary Agreements Better? Evidence from Baseball Arbitration
    John W. Budd, Aaron Sojourner, and Jaewoo Jung
  • Trust-Based Work Time and Innovation: Evidence from Firm-Level Data
    Olivier N. Godart, Holger Görg, and Aoife Hanley
  • Trade Unions in Segmented Labor Markets: Evidence from the German Metal and Chemical Sectors
    Lisa Dorigatti
  • Do Firms Demand Temporary Workers When They Face Workload Fluctuation? Cross-Country Firm-Level Evidence
    Vanessa Dräger and Paul Marx
  • Pension Structure and Employee Turnover: Evidence from a Large Public Pension System
    Dan Goldhaber, Cyrus Grout, and Kristian L. Holden
  • The Effectiveness of Demand-Side Government Intervention to Promote Elderly Employment: Evidence from Japan
    Ayako Kondo and Hitoshi Shigeoka
  • The Effect of Potential Activations on the Employment of Military Reservists: Evidence from a Field Experiment
    Theodore F. Figinski

Book Reviews

  • The Vanishing American Corporation: Navigating the Hazards of a New Economy
    By Gerald F. Davis. Reviewed by Dionne Pohler.
  • Economics Rules: The Rights and Wrongs of the Dismal Science
    By Dani Rodrik. Reviewed by Daniel S. Hamermesh.
  • Labour Regulation and Development: Socio-Legal Perspectives
    Edited by Shelley Marshall and Colin Fenwick. Reviewed by Kelly Pike.
  • Politicized Enforcement in Argentina: Labor and Environmental Regulation
    By Matthew Amengual. Reviewed by Matthew Carnes.
  • Achieving Workers’ Rights in the Global Economy
    Edited by Richard P. Appelbaum and Nelson Lichtenstein. Reviewed by Matthew Fischer-Daly.