Conference Centers

ILR Conference Center from Garden Ave.

ILR Conference Center in King-Shaw Hall - Ithaca, NY

Since its inception, Cornell University's ILR School has had a strong outreach component. Sharing ideas and research results with practitioners and enrollees in adult education was one of the primary purposes of the school. The Division of Extension and Public Services does just that -- through credit and noncredit courses, workshops and conferences, on-site technical assistance, and consulting -- reaching more than 40,000 adults in the workforce each year.

The ILR Conference Center serves many of these practitioners on Cornell's main campus in Ithaca each year while also serving the wider ILR community and the campus at large.

Rooms 225 and 229

ILR Conference Center in New York City, NY

Our facilities can accommodate groups of up to 125 people with 5 classrooms, 3 meeting rooms, a distance learning suite and a full-featured dining room serving continental breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon breaks. We also maintain a labor and management resource center where visitors can get some quiet focused time to conduct research or attend to email and other communications.

The conference center is located at 16 East 34th Street in midtown Manhattan, just one block from the Empire State Building.