Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development (HCD) at Cornell University's ILR School delivers Ivy League-quality Human Resource and Leadership education through Certificates, Workshops and On-Site Programs. Participants gain practical knowledge that can be applied to effectively manage workplace challenges and improve individual and organizational performance.


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About Cornell's Workshops

Our mission is to advance the world of work by offering the most comprehensive portfolio of professional development workshops focused on work and employment.

Instructors, with unique blends of business and academic experience, bring theory to life in each of our workshops. Focusing on practical solutions that address challenges facing business and government today, we facilitate learning to take your career to the next level.

Explore our workshop offerings under the following topics:

On-Site Programs

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Bring Cornell certificates and workshops to your organization. Build internal competencies while providing consistent and coordinated training.


Customize programs to meet organizational strategies and build key competencies.


Work with highly experienced faculty who provide practical, actionable insights for today's most pressing business issues.


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Each Human Capital Development (HCD) certificate consists of a comprehensive series of workshops carefully selected to provide you with in-depth expertise in a particular area. Workshops are presented by working practitioners, who are also experienced instructors, to blend theory with practice and address real issues faced at work.