Visiting Fellows

Carlotta Favretto

Carlotta Favretto

Country of origin: Italy Visiting period:

August 2017


Background & Previous Experience

Carlotta Favretto is a PhD student at Marco Biagi Foundation and at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, conducting research on “Occupational Welfare and Company Networks.” At the Marco Biagi Foundation, she works in the international labour law field, teaches courses in higher education (such as “Contrattazione collettiva e gestione delle relazioni sindacali in sede decentrata” and “Contrattare il welfare aziendale e la conciliazione vita-lavoro”) and collaborates in the organization of the annual International Conference in Commemoration of Marco Biagi and other conferences. Before starting her doctoral studies, she worked for the Italian Industrial Employers Associaton in Treviso, carrying out research on clusters and on a new italian contract called “contratto di rete.” She is also a practicing lawyer at the law firm “ALV Avvocati Associati.”

Her doctoral research focuses on company welfare in networks, exploring the opportunities of using them as a means to solve some of the problems related to the European economical crisis. In particular, the new Italian contract "contratto di rete" has been used in many supply chains with the effect of improving Corporate Social Responsibility, often guaranteeing stronger rights for workers. Building on the contractual integration theories, her research expands on a series of case studies and good practices such as the Gucci supply chain in Tuscany. The focus is also on the role of trade unions and collective bargaining as a means to develop the potentiality of networks with a focus on occupational welfare policies.

Current Reserarch at ILR

During her stay at the ILR School at Cornell University, she intends to work on her research comparing the identified virtuous model of “contratti di rete” with the integrated approach to sustainable supply chains elaborated on by Professor Kuruvilla in the “New Conversations Project: Towards Sustainable Labor Practices in Global Supply Chains.”

Carlotta Favretto