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The Moment for a Movement: Starbucks and the Slow Drip of Starting a Union

THE MOMENT FOR A MOVEMENT: Starbucks and the Slow Drip of Starting a Union


Co-sponsored with Buffalo Co-Lab

April 22, 2022

12:00-2:00 P.M.

105 Ives Hall, Ithaca Campus

On Friday, April 22, 2022, the Buffalo Co-Lab and the Worker Institute co-sponsors of Cornell’s 2022, Union Day,” event brought Starbucks Workers to the Cornell ILR campus for a spell-binding Union Day event! Starbucks Workers shared WHY they want a Union, HOW they are getting a Union, and WHAT the employer is doing to try and stop them, including surveillance, threats, and even termination. The questioned posed is whether now is the Moment for a Movement? The resounding answer is Yes!

Featured Panelists were:

  • Buffalo, Ithaca, and Tennessee Starbucks Employees
  • Mark Gaston Pearce
    A&S ’75 Attorney, former Chairman of the NLRB
  • Mike Dolce
    ILR ’11, Attorney for Workers United for Starbucks
  • Cathy Creighton
    ILR ’87, Director, ILR Buffalo Co-Lab as moderator

Watch Recording:


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