About Us

Every year, the United Association for Labor Education (UALE) sponsors four regional women’s summer schools for union officers and activists. Women from all over the country learn the skills and knowledge needed to play leadership roles in their unions and to grow and transform the labor movement. One of the most valuable aspects of the summer schools is the opportunity to meet and network with other union women from around the region and beyond.

For decades, these summer schools have provided leadership, skill-building, networking and educational programs to train and empower women to take on leadership roles in labor organizations. Summer Schools provide a unique, rigorous and immersive experience, one suited to the best innovations of the current labor movement. The themes, topics, workshops and panels speak to the urgency for gender equality in leadership, solidarity and movement-building creativity.

Join women labor activists throughout the Northeast in this comprehensive, four-day leadership institute. Participate in skill building workshops, cultural activities, and educational sessions on current labor challenges, taught and shared by labor educators, union staff and officers, and worker organization activists. Network and learn; be inspired, be ready!


Summer school instructors are union officers and staff and labor educators from universities and unions. Experts on current union issues are invited as guest speakers to share their knowledge throughout the week.