Rick Darling

Rick Darling
Executive Director, Government & Public Affairs
Li & Fung Trading

Rick Darling serves as Executive Director, Government & Trade Relations, Vendor Compliance for Li & Fung Trading, a multi-national consumer goods sourcing company recognized as a leader in design, development, sourcing and distribution with over 300 offices and distribution centers in more than 40 economies.

He is a longtime advocate for bringing innovation, creativity and sustainability to the apparel industry and its related supply chain.

Rick oversees the company’s supply chain sustainability on global industry and multi-stakeholder initiatives such as improving worker safety in Bangladesh. Rick represents Li & Fung as an Advisor to The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety formed by North America’s major global retailers and, The Accord on Fire & Building Safety in Bangladesh formed by major European retailers and brands.

Prior to Li & Fung, Mr. Darling founded The Millwork Trading Company, which specialized in private label programs for specialty retailers and wholesalers in the U.S. and Japan. Millwork was in joint venture with Li & Fung for 16 years until Li & Fung acquired it in 1998. He then successfully established Li & Fung USA (LF USA) in 2004.  He served as its president for over a decade and during that time he expanded the Company’s US brands portfolio and developed its on and off-shore models.

Rick serves on the Board of Directors for the American Apparel & Footwear Association, the University of Arkansas, KIDS/Fashion Delivers and Clear Energy.  He is a member of the Fashion to Figure Board of Advisors as well as a member of the Parsons Board of Governors.