Deepa Saharia

Deepa SahariaDeepa Saharia
ILR, Cornell University

Deepa Saharia is currently working towards her Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. A New York City native, she has worked extensively in community development, government, and education. Working with the Cornell Organization for Labor Action and the Worker Institute at the ILR School, she is studying and advocating ethical and sustainable labor practices in her own community and around the world. She volunteers with Cornell Raising Education Attainment Challenge, Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, with Habitat for Humanity, and at the Allen Presbyterian Hospital. Deepa has also interned with the Global Fund to End Slavery, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Outside of these studies, she teaches at Fall Creek Elementary School in Ithaca, the Cornell Outdoor Education program, and Students Against the Sexual Solicitation of Youth. Deepa hopes to continue to pursue her interests in human rights, labor and environmental justice, and sustainable development.