David Hayer

David HayerDavid Hayer
Vice President of Global Sustainability, Gap Inc.

David Hayer joined Gap Inc. in 2005. During that time, David has led change management within the supply chain which included shifting from seasonal sourcing to category management, the development of a more responsive supply chain and institutionalized non-merchandise sourcing.  David led sourcing offices in the India subcontinent and was responsible for the largest sourcing category.  Recently, David took on the role of VP, Global Sustainability at Gap Inc.  David has gained deep knowledge of Gap Inc. business and supply chain and has a passion for improving the lives of garment workers. 

Prior to joining Gap Inc., David worked at Hewlett-Packard for 6 years and helped on efforts during the HP-Compaq merger. 

David enjoys spending time with his family, his wife and two sons.  He is also a longtime basketball fanatic – regularly playing and coaching youth.


  • Change Management
  • Strategy
  • Supply Chain