Where Have All the (Good) Jobs Gone? 2015 Economic Forecast with Professor John Abowd

Friday, January 9, 2015

Monday  | Feb 2nd  | 06:00pm
The Cornell Club-New York

Most people expect a labor economist to think about good jobs in terms of their compensation for the employee, but this is not the most productive way to think about the problem. Instead, Professor Abowd focuses on jobs that add substantially to the productive capacity of the economy. Economists call these “high surplus” jobs. You can think of them as closely related to jobs where there is substantial sales/worker (a simple measure of productivity).  

Join ILR School Professor John Abowd, the Edmund Ezra Day Professor in the Department of Economics, for a discussion about the 2015 economy. Professor Abowd is also professor of information science and statistics, and director of ILR’s Labor Dynamics Institute, which creates and makes accessible novel data on labor market dynamics. His current research focuses on the creation, dissemination, privacy protection and use of linked, longitudinal data on employees and employers.

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