Closed: LDI Replication project is hiring Summer Undergraduate Researchers

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Update: all positions have been filled; we are no longer accepting applications at this time. We will be opening positions again for the Fall 2018.

  • Contact: Send your CV to, mentioning "LDI Replication Project".

  • Remuneration: An hourly rate commensurate with experience will be offered. $12.00 per hour, approximately 20 hours per week.

  • Goal: Ensure that supplementary materials for articles in a journal with a replication policy are (a) accessible (b) reproduce the intended results, document results and findings.

Work description

Team members will access journal websites and analyze the materials provided by article authors on how to replicate the article results. The provided materials and instructions will be assessed using a checklist. The instructions will be followed (if possible), and success or failure to (i) perform the analysis (ii) replicate the authors' results will be documented. Team work is encouraged, and activity will be supervised by graduate student or faculty member. This is ongoing work, and conditional on satisfactory work, renewal for subsequent summer or fall terms is possible and desirable.


Summer 2018 with potential to continue on.

Necessary qualifications

Some experience with empirical social science data analysis using statistical software is required. Knowledge of at least one of Stata, SAS, R or Matlab is required. Experience with Subversion or Git are assets.


Attendance on campus for a training session, all day on May 24, 2018, is compulsory. Weekly attendance of a coordination meeting is required.


Day-to-day presence on campus is not required for the actual work (all computer work will be performed on remotely accessible servers). Occasional absences (and participation by videoconference) is acceptable, but should be an exception.