LDI Replication project hiring Undergraduate Data Editors

Labor Dynamics Institute
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Our LDI Replication Project is currently closed for new applicants.  Please check back in mid-May. 

We are looking for up to 10 students to work on the LDI-based AEA Data Editor team as undergraduate research interns.

  • Contact: Send your CV to ldi@cornell.edu, mentioning "LDI Replication Lab".
  • Remuneration: An hourly rate commensurate with experience will be offered. $12.50 per hour, up to  20 hours per week.

  • Goal: Ensure that supplementary materials for articles in a journal with a replication policy are (a) accessible (b) reproduce the intended results, (c) document results and findings.

Work description

The American Economic Association (AEA) monitors compliance with its Data and Code Availability Policy, under the leadership of the AEA Data Editor. Team members will access pre-publication materials provided by authors, and assess how well these materials reproduce the results published in the manuscript or article. The provided materials and instructions will be assessed using a checklist. Authors’ instructions will be followed (if possible), and success or failure to (i) perform the analysis (ii) replicate the authors' results will be documented. Other related activities, such as literature search or tabulation of results, may also be assigned. Team work is encouraged, and activity will be supervised by graduate student or faculty member. Team members must be at ease working in various computer environments (Windows Remote Desktop, local laptops) and software tools (statistical software, Git).


This is ongoing work, and conditional on satisfactory work, continued employment (until graduation) is possible and desirable. Training (required) is completed during the semester, productive work (“employment”) can start as late as after final exams (May 2020).

Necessary qualifications

Some experience with empirical social science data analysis using statistical software is required. Knowledge of at least one of Stata, SAS, R or Matlab is required, as is familiarity with the Windows Desktop environment. Experience with Git and the command line (Linux, Mac, or Powershell) are assets. Applicants must be current Cornell students.


Training at the posted dates, March 25 and 26, 6-8 PM, is required for final hiring.  Attendance at a weekly meeting is required.

Training in will be two evening sessions, combined with 1-2 video lectures to be watched prior to the training session. Low intensity on-the-job training (about 2-5 hours a week, on real examples) will take up to another 4 weeks, depending on skill, and is conducted at your own pace, with weekly deliverables. Successful trainees will transition to the actual "replicator" activity as soon as adequate skills are demonstrated. Our training success rate is above 90%. Once trained, you will be able to work flexibly until exams are over, and on a regular schedule thereafter. Continuation after the summer is optional, but desirable.


Day-to-day presence on campus is not required for the actual work (all computer work will be performed on remotely accessible servers). On-campus presence for one weekly meeting is required. Occasional absences (and participation by videoconference) are acceptable, but should be an exception.