LDI graduate student Jorgen Harris is awarded prize for teaching excellence

Monday, November 23, 2015

Graduate Teaching Awards

"An integral part of [Cornell's] undergraduate and graduate programs is the teaching done by our graduate students.  The experience gained by our graduate students is extremely valuable to their economics training and to their job market prospects.  The [Economics] department takes seriously its role in cultivating future educators and recognizes the hard work that goes into both being an effective teaching assistant and a top-notch researcher who can complete a high quality thesis in a timely fashion.  We are very fortunate to have many graduate students who do an outstanding job.

Each teaching award comes with a $500 cash prize:

The Louis Walinsky Fund in Economics in Honor of Professor Herbert Joseph Davenport outstanding teaching award:  

Jorgen Harris
Malin Hu"

To see the full list of Economics Graduate Student Awards, visit: http://www.economics.cornell.edu/about/announcements/2014-2015-graduate-student-awards