Job Posting: Assistant Copy Editor for the Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality

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Monday, April 22, 2019

We are looking for a part-time graduate research assistant to be a part of the editorial office team of the Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality, under the leadership of Lars Vilhuber. The JPC is an open-access publication that publishes articles from a wide array of disciplines (see our About page).


Work description: Team members will access the refereed papers and participate in the publication workflow. They will assess the papers' compliance with publication standards using a checklist, including proof-reading, formatting the layout according to the journal's standards, checking the metadata while remaining truthful to the submitted manuscript. Members will be in charge of communicating with the authors'  to obtain final approval as well as with the managing editor. They will be in charge of generating the final manuscript as published on the journal website.


Requirements: Team members must be at ease with Overleaf and Git. Good comprehension of written English is a must. LaTeX skills must be sufficient to edit on Overleaf, stronger LaTeX skills are an asset.


Expected workload: Max 5 hours/week, with high variance.