Sponsoring Union Nomination Form

(To be completed by Union or Labor Organization Sponsor)

Dear Labor Leader:

We are very pleased that your organization is considering nominating and sponsoring one or more individuals to attend the National Labor Leadership Initiative. Your nominee(s) are joining a terrific group of labor leaders coming together to strengthen their own leadership, build more effective organizations, and explore the challenges of creating a powerful progressive movement.

Once your nominee(s) are accepted into the program, your organization agrees to provide the necessary professional and financial support for their participation. The program consists of three separate leadership retreats during the year, and acceptance into the program requires a commitment on the part of the participant(s) to attend all three retreats in their entirety.

Once we receive this form we will contact your nominee(s) to prepare them for the program and to do everything possible to ensure that the NLLI meets their needs.

Nominations are for the program beginning in November of this year.

Al Davidoff, Director
Governance, Organizational and Leadership Development

Jeff Grabelsky
The Worker Institute at Cornell ILR

NLLI Sponsoring Union Nomination Form

Sponsor information (for contact purposes)
Nominee Information
Financial Officer Information
(person to be sent tuition invoices)
Approval Statement
I nominate the above person to the National Labor Leadership Initiative on behalf of our labor organization. By submitting this form I agree on behalf of our organization that our organization will provide the financial support necessary for the nominee's participation. This constitutes a payment of $12,000, which covers tuition, lodging, meals, materials, and activities for the retreats, as well as interim coaching and follow-up between retreats.