Paper Abstracts

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Brazil.pdf (Paulo Ferreira de Souza Marzionna) (PDF, 83 KB)

Bargaining for Better Schools - A Research and Public Policy Dialogue Project.pdf (Alexander J.S. Colvin) (PDF, 83 KB)

Can They or Should They - External and Internal Influences on Human Capital Acquisition Strategies.pdf (PDF, 88 KB) (Diane Burton; Jae Eun Lee)

Care versus Technocracy - Professional Interests and Middle Managers in English Intensive Care Nursing.pdf (PDF, 63 KB) (Nikolaus Krachler)

Informal Work and Labor Unrest in China.pdf (PDF, 75 KB) (Eli Friedman; Hao Zhang)

Institutional and Organizational Context and Firm Adoption of Arbitration.pdf (Kwan Lee) (PDF, 87 KB)

On the Frontier with Conflict Management.pdf (PDF, 86 KB) (Todd Dickey)

Predictors of Certification Attainment - How Do They Differ from Unionization and Licensure.pdf (Kyle Albert) (PDF, 69 KB)

Shrimp Processing Thailand.pdf (PDF, 87 KB) (

Research Perspectives.pdf (PDF, 86 KB) (Alexander J.S. Colvin)

Superbugs vs. Outsourced Cleaners Employment Arrangements and the Spread of Healthcare-Associated Infections.pdf (PDF, 76 KB) (Ariel Avgar; Adam Seth Litwin)

The Consequences of Telework An Examination of Individual and Contextual Moderators.pdf (PDF, 91 KB) (Bradford Bell; Kristie McAlpine)

What Can We Learn from Healthcare Improvement Theory for Innovation in Collective Bargaining.pdf (PDF, 87 KB) (John August)

What Professionals Want Union and Employer Caracteristics in Certification Elections of Professional Workers.pdf (PDF, 63 KB) (Rachel Aleks)