LERA Conference

Celebrating 70 years


The ILR LERA Communications Committee hopes you’re enjoying your summer!

Congratulations to all who presented at LERA in May! 

Melanie and I enjoyed being on site and seeing everyone and everything in action.  We learned a lot about LERA itself, trends in the field and most importantly, your research.  One of our mutual takeaways was: middle managers are strategically positioned to be key drivers of organizational change.

Zach Cunningham, MILR ’15 and Paulo Ferreira de Souza Marizonna, Ph.D. ’17 also share their personal experiences and insights from Pittsburgh.

A great big thank you to everyone who supported the Committee’s efforts this year! And good luck to Zach as he transitions into “the world of work!”


Best regards,

Chrissi Boryk on behalf of the ILR LERA Communications Committee members: Katrina Nobles, Christine Long, Prerna Sampat, Melanie Willingham-Jaggers, Mary Catt and Stephen D’Angelo


Zach Cunningham, MILR ‘15

Ready to Put Theory into Practice

… the conference also took on an added importance for me.  Last month I completed my studies at the ILR School, and I will soon be moving to Albany, New York, to begin a career in the labor movement.  Although I will be transitioning out of academia, this conference showed me that there is still a place for me in LERA as I enter the workforce… Read Zach's full story


Paulo Ferreira de Souza Marizonna, Ph.D. ‘17

How LERA Is Transforming his Research

…attending LERA Meetings is crucial for my graduate student experience at Cornell for different reasons. First, it is possible to get in contact with high quality research being conducted in the US and other parts of the world.  Second, the panels that one attends are important opportunities to connect with the labor relations community…Read Paulo's full story