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Our mission is to create and make accessible novel data on the dynamics of the labor markets, we work with research networks and statistical agencies, developing appropriate statistics to inform policy makers, researchers, and simply people seeking knowledge. We emphasize and meet the requirements of stakeholders: users as well as providers, balancing the utility of the data with the confidentiality of the people and businesses whose activities the data describe.

Abowd wins 2015 GPSA award for excellence in teaching, advising and mentoring

Cornell's Graduate and Professional Student Assembly has named John Abowd, the Edmund Ezra Day Professor of Economics, as a winner of its 2015 award for excellence in teaching, advising and mentoring.

The Awards Committee was impressed and overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and passion with which graduate students have nominated faculty members who have made a positive impact on their academic and professional development. In many cases, these faculty members serve as inspiring role models, champion graduate and professional student interests, and go above and beyond in their commitment to furthering their students' personal and professional success.

Winners of the 2015 Faculty Awards: John Abowd, Economics; Durba Gosh, History; and Mattius Liepe, Physics.

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