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Our mission is to create and make accessible novel data on the dynamics of the labor markets, we work with research networks and statistical agencies, developing appropriate statistics to inform policy makers, researchers, and simply people seeking knowledge. We emphasize and meet the requirements of stakeholders: users as well as providers, balancing the utility of the data with the confidentiality of the people and businesses whose activities the data describe.

Erica Groshen on the Future of Official Statistics

Photo: Erica Groshen

Erica Groshen, former BLS Commissioner and Senior Economist with the Labor Dynamics Institute (LDI) and the Institute for Compensation Studies (ICS), recently published a reflection on the "Future of Official Statistics" in the United States.

Groshen, E. L. (2021). The Future of Official Statistics. Harvard Data Science Review, 3(4).

In particular, she ponders whether a unified statistical system (a "StatsUSA" agency, similar to many other countries) is necessary or can work. She concludes that

"we must move forward with steps such as data-sharing legislation, flexible and dependable funding, adoption of common data schema, and a modernized, more coordinated statistical system."