Buffalo Commons

Photo: Buffalo Commons

Buffalo Commons is a dynamic hub of digital knowledge sharing, engaged learning, and civic activity physically located within the Market Arcade in Downtown Buffalo, New York.  Hosted as a collaborative effort between Partnership for the Public Good and Cornell University, the Commons support three specific programmatic initiatives: the digital library of Buffalo-based policy and research, the research exchange, and the promotion of locally-based engagement opportunities.  

Interactive and democratic in both design and practice, the Commons is a collaborative space where theory and practice converge in dedication to the advancement of social innovation, economic progress, and the promotion of knowledge for the public good.  

While the virtual commons is able to be accessed 24/7, the physical space of Buffalo Commons is situated within the Market Arcade in Downtown Buffalo, and provides a central location for faculty, staff, students, and the community to convene and work together on action-based research on a range of Buffalo-specific issues. 

The inclusive and adaptable space includes:  

  • Multiple conference and meeting rooms with AV/VC capability
  • Collective working spaces with technological tools
  • Various subscription based platforms: including Adobe and ArcGIS Pro Suite
  • Visual Buffalo-based arts integration

Buffalo Commons is a modern expression of a very old idea – that of a shared resource in which every community member has an equal interest and we invite you to learn more about how to get involved.