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Photo: Buffalo, NY Skyline

“I don’t have a PhD in economics, but I do have a PhD in Buffalomics, and that’s the remarkable privilege of growing up here. The town in which we look after each other, we believe in shared prosperity, we believe in the rising tide should float all boats, we believe that ZIP Codes should not determine destiny.”
- United States Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez

Cornell University makes fellowships available for students to work with the Partnership for the Public Good, a local community-based think tank, and its partnering organizations in Buffalo.

The Partnership for the Public Good (PPG) is the ideal community partner for the High Road as along with its partners PPG is driving a number of innovative initiatives moving Buffalo towards a just and equitable new economy. PPG provides a strong collaborative environment that ensures collective impact by leveraging existing relationships with community partners such as social enterprises, workforce development agencies serving vulnerable populations, service providers for refugees and immigrants, arts and culturals, and youth organizations.

Current and previous community placements include:

Immigrants and Refugees

Labor Oriented


Urban Agriculture and Food Justice

Arts and Culturals

Social Enterprise and Worker Co-Ops

Workforce Development



Housing and Community Development

Environmental and Sustainability

Justice and Opportunity