Data for Equitable Economic Development and Sustainability, or Good DEEDS, is an initiative of the Cornell University School of Industrial Labor Relations (ILR) Buffalo Co-Lab. When fully operational, Good DEEDS will function as a public data repository coupled with High Road Policy, a quarterly issue memorandum and continuous blog. Good DEEDS seeks to:

  • democratize geographic, economic, environmental, and social data and provide training on how to use that data;
  • generate a set of shared metrics for monitoring change over time;
  • conduct original surveys to shed new light on regional workforce, civil society, economic and ecological health, and quality of life; and
  • produce original research and reports for elected officials, community institutions, and the public at large.

The overarching mission of Good DEEDS is to provide an empirical basis for ensuring that development and community change in and beyond Upstate New York follows the High Road to shared prosperity for all residents, from the present to all future generations.