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Buffalo Co-Lab

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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

The High Road Forward

Cycle between academia nd government

Researchers are typically grounded in facts and texts and concepts. While exceptional scientists, they aren’t always salespeople. This begs the query of how can intricate theories and concepts be utilized widely and serve those outside of the echelon of higher education.

High Road Policy is a dedicated resource bringing research to the public in a direct and practical way through a comprehensive quarterly journal memorandum as well as frequent, quick response blogging.

The platform’s namesake, High Road, revolves around shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, and efficient democracy. In line with those values, this blogging platform itself distributes information quickly and openly and the content conveys those same priorities.

The importance of a fast and accessible turnaround of information has been elucidated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Blog posts ranging from Communities of Color Being Hit Hardest by COVID-19 in Erie County to Mapping Workers at Risk of Mass Layoffs and Loss of Employer Health Care provide substantive data to equip decision makers with facts.

Creating and collectivizing actionable knowledge is a central mission of High Road Policy’s home base, ILR Buffalo Co-Lab. Data and research serve as change levers for neighborhoods, organizations, and for public policies.

“Truthful and reality-grounded understanding is the public fuel of democratic institutions.” says ILR Buffalo Co-Lab Director, Lou Jean Fleron. High Road Policy is a resource for government officials and in turn their constituents. The widest scale change comes from policy innovation.

Constituents are uniquely aware of issues within their cities, counties, or states. While they can put a name to the problem, the solutions aren’t always as easy to ascertain. So as well as democratizing the knowledge, High Road Policy is democratizing the solutions.

“Not only can a policymaker look at High Road Policy and say ‘that’s a great idea let’s add it to our agenda,’ a constituent can peruse the platform and say ‘that’s a great idea I’m going to advocate to my local elected official to adopt that,’” says Maria Whyte, Erie County Deputy Executive.

To equip yourself with original, reliable data and analysis of policies that will build a better economy in Western New York and beyond, explore High Road Policy.