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Richard Gan

Ithaca, NY
Partnership for the Public Good
  • Researched and wrote a memo on how community land banks can partner and benefit community land trusts.
  • Created a guide of local boards and commissions and the process for applying or securing seats. This will be a tool utilized by leadership development programs to encourage social justice minded leaders to participate and present themselves as candidates.
  • Observed bail hearings in Buffalo City Court supporting PPG’s ongoing bail reform campaign.
  • Drafted a policy brief on targeted hiring.

“I learned that Buffalo has determined communities who care deeply about making their city better. After decades of disinvestment and dysfunctional development, these local members increasingly are tackling issues head-on, holding local government more accountable in matters of housing, education, health, and the environment so that economic development is more equitable and sustainable for all, particularly for those who live through the impacts of such decisions. The U.S. economy is no exception, being fundamentally comprised of local entities. In that regard, I have also come to realize the importance of remaining true to being local, seeing development doesn’t suddenly happen on a nationwide scale but rather stems from the collection of localities such as Buffalo.”

--From Richard’s Final Evaluation

“Richard’s enthusiasm made him a pleasure to work with this summer. His smile and energy never failed to brighten the office, and he was highly committed to each and every project we gave him. We wish he didn’t have to leave us so soon!”--Sarah Wooton, Policy Analyst